Featured Influencer Banner - Sean Chong-Umeda

Coming from the Kawaii Kingdom of Rainbows and Unicorns, Seannyboy808, also known as Seannicorn or Sean, is the residential fashion unicorn. Sean is a unique individual who blends the ideas of what is cute and colorful and makes it fashionable. He is a stern believer of fashion being genderless, declaring that if you feel cute on the inside, then you are cute on the outside. Sean wants to prove to the world that it is ok to be different, and with a little faith and love, anything is possible. 

With his signature pink hair and fondness for pastels, Sean has worked with multiple brands such as Hot Topic, Aloxxi, Kawaii Care Box, Wooji Apparel, Toshikigirl, Popkiller and Amino, demonstrating the versatility of this fashion unicorn. He is a brand ambassador, spreading kindness and love through brands like Pusheen, tokidoki, Sanrio and Mori Galaxy. Sean has also modeled in ad campaigns for Wet’ N’ Wild Beauty, Astek Wallpaper, Trident Gum, Popsockets and Daily Concepts, along with walking the runway to represent brands such as ACDC Rag, Creator’s Guild, iiii clothing, My Hamachi Designs and Beyond the Boundary. Sean has been featured in both print and digital magazine such as @hypebae, Allen & Houston, Elegant Magazine, while  appearing in videos with Refinery 29, Buzzfeed, and Hooked on the Look.