Looking to play some games, maybe you want to settle who’s better at Dragon Ball FighterZ or Super Smash Brothers, or perhaps you just want to sit and relax with friends? If you said yes to any of the following come on down to our E-Gaming room! Here you can do all the following as well as participate in our 5 tournaments! Below you’ll find a list of the tournaments happening and on which day!

E-Gaming Hours
Friday (Day 1) 10am – 10pm
Saturday (Day 2) 10am – 10pm
Sunday (Day 3) 10am-4pm

Tournament Schedule

Sign ups are first come first serve make sure you get there early! There is a $5 entry fee per tournament.
(11:00am) SFV  (Double Elimination, Single, 12 people Max)
(4:00pm) Overcooked (Double Elimination, Single,12 people Max)

(11:00am) Smash Bros (Double Elimination, Single,16 people Max)
(4:00pm) DBZ Fighter (Double Elimination, Single,12 people Max)
(8:00pm) Guilty Gear xrd (Double Elimination, Single,10 people Max)

(11:00am) Smash Bros Brawl (Double Elimination, Teams, 10 Teams Max)
(2:00pm) Overcooked (Single Elimination, Single,12 people Max)