Guest of Honor Banner - Michael Sorich

Michael has voiced over 700 Cartoons and narrated over 20 shows for the Travel Channel. He can be heard in the English dub of: Hunter X Hunter, Lupin, Kill LA Kill, Conan the Detective, Mob Psycho 100, Akira, Bleach, Cyborg 009, Digimon, El Hazard, Ghost in the Shell, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Naruto.

His video game credits including Grim Fandango, X Wing Fighter, World of Warcraft  & God of War.

He also Voice-directed: Power Rangers, Digimon, Bo-bo-bo Bo-bo-Bo-bo, Flint the Time Detective, Saint Seiya, Idaten Jump, Mon Colle Knights, Battle B-Daman, Samurai X and Eagle Riders & numerous Feature Films, including “The Grudge” and “Come Drink with Me”.

On Camera he’s guest-starred on Seinfeld, Married with Children, the Tonight Show, Seven Days, the Elian Gonzalez Story and was Woody on VR Troopers and Dr. Pi on the Mad Scientist Toon Club.