Kitty Kaboom first made her cosplay debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2001 as Mai Shiranui. This led her not only to success as a established cosplayer, but also towards a passionate career in modeling, acting, prop making, wire and stunt work, appearing at import racing events and in numerous martial art films amd mutiple shows aired on G4TV. She also enjoys a love of drift racing, and could often be found dumping quarters into the arcade machines like Street Fighter and Para Para Paradise.

Growing up she immediately fell in love watching anime cartoons from Japan like Gundam, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. This inspiration led her to become a martial artist. She started to make costumes inspired by the characters she watched growing up and playing in fighting games while preforming fight choreographies with friends. Even now her lastest cosplay creations have gained lots of attention in the Dragonball cosplay community, being featured at The Super Saiyan Showdown and fighting against professional gamers in the exhibition matches dressed as Helles / Heles, Goddess of Destruction from Dragon Ball Super, and making appeances as the popular Majin Android 21 from the Dragonball Fighterz game. Her cosplay was featured on many pages from Funimation to Arc System Works – the makers of the hit Dragonball FighterZ game!

Now traveling around being a cosplay guest at multiple conventions throughout California, New Mexico and Las Vegas, she loves to help the future cosplay generations by informing them from her own experiences how to make cosplay, props, make up, wig styling, shop for fabric, and most important, believing in yourself with confidence in cosplay at her panels.

Because of her skills of being on stage during cosplay competitions that lead her to become an actress and making a film career, she is very experienced in running and judging cosplay masquerades and contests. Her eye for detail, craftsmanship and cosplay construction has her now running and hosting the cosplay masquerade for the main conventions year round in New Mexico. Accompanied by her best friend Julian Jaye ( Trunks In Real Life cosplayer) they have been invited as guests to host and judge cosplay contests together as Future Trunks and Mai.

Over the years, Kitty has frequently been seen many times on G4TV, she has been featured in PlayStation magazine, Animerica, Over Rev, and Option 2 Import magazine, has appeared in leading roles in such projects as “Action Angels”, “Everyone’s Kung Fu Fighting: Reloaded”, “Everyone’s Kung Fu Fighting Again”, and “East of Byzantium ” as well as pioneered her own events as the co-founder and creator of Jurassic Con in 2012. Throughout her continuing adventures, she has made and met many fans and friends, won several Cosplay contest and Masquerade awards (such as Best presentation, Best performance, and multiple 1st Place awards, craftsmanship ), and even met some of her role models – including a very special encounter with Yuji Shiozaki, author / creator of one of her all-time favorite manga, Ikkitousen, who was so impressed with her cosplay that he even immortalized their meeting in the pages of his work.

Continuing to pursue her dreams, she has now begun embracing the fighting game community as an established cosplayer who also supports and is active in streaming and trying out commentary at WNF (Wednesday Night Fights), in between advancing her cosplay, training, and film projects. Her latest achievements include being hired on staff with the main communities that control and run such conventions from comic and anime cons to gaming events .


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