Masquerade Judge Banner - JS

JS started cosplay because she loves to make things, and wanted to mix her love for crafting with her interests in anime, gaming, and fantasy. She started around 2012 and is self taught. She has won Anime California’s craftsmanship award and is known to be very detail-oriented and precise with her costumes. A sort of jack of all trades, JS has experience with putting together the entire cosplay from wig styling, makeup, sewing, prop making, to planning the photoshoot and executing concepts. Currently she works full time in the Biotech industry but still makes time for personal projects and professional work for companies. She has worked on prop/costume projects for Riot Games, 2k Games, Tencent, X-Seed Games, and COM2US. She has been a guest for UCI, RTX, and Anime California where she was a guest judge for their masquerade. 

Her interests are mostly in video game characters, but also loves to make costumes from anime and manga. She has moved into making original concepts and ideas in fantasy as well. Her overall goals for cosplay is to do justice to the character and make emmaculate, detailed costumes. She loves to put her technical skills to the test and constantly challenges herself to learn something new with each project. Some of her favorite cosplays she has made so far are Ruby from RWBY, Midnight from BNHA, Destroyer from Heroes of the Storm/OW, Tifa from FF7, and Android 21 from Dragonball. She is most known for her Super Sailor Mars and Mikasa Ackerman cosplays. Her future projects include Magic Knight Rayearth, League of Legends, Demon Slayer, Fate GO, and more original works.