Exhibit Hall

The main one-stop-shop for all your official merchandise needs! Looking for nerdy clothes, hard-to-find vintage items, and so much more?  Maybe you need a wig for that last minute cosplay?  If you qualified for any of those questions then the Exhibit hall is for you!
Exhibit Hall Hours
Friday (Day 1) 12pm-7pm
Saturday (Day 2) 11am-7pm
Sunday (Day 3) 11am-3pm
  • Anime Books D1-D2
  • Toy Mandala D12-13
  • Epic Cosplay Wigs D3-4
  • LunaCatz D14-15
  • Anime Coast D7-8
  • Nora Ainu D16-17
  • Kawaii Care D9
  • AkiBento D18
  • Artistsan Studio D10
  • LA-Otaku D19
  • Proverse D11