Once the panels and workshops have ended, come on over to the Dances, and party with us all night! Our line up of amazing DJ’s will be playing the latest and greatest in house, Kpop, Trap, Top 40 and more. Each DJ set will be anywhere from 30mins to one hour.

Dance will be held on Friday and Saturday, in the Convention Center Academy Ballroom 1​ after Main Events

Dance Hours
Friday (Day 1) 10pm-2am
Saturday (Day 2) 10pm-2am


DJ Sandman

From: Hidden Scratch Village

Genre: Electro-House / Mash-ups / Trance / Breaks

The heavy hitting DJ Sandman has been spinning various styles of music throughout the years. Having an musically eclectic childhood, he learned to appreciate many different genres ranging from Hip-hop to Electronica to Classical– which reflects widely through his sets. DJ Sandman is always open to meeting new people as he ventures across various conventions.

Melodic Verse

From: Ponyville, Equestria

Genre: Techno/ House / Trance


Having fully embraced the future of sound, Melodic Verse has learned to utilize his skills not only on decks but virtual decks as well. His sounds include Trance, Techno, and recently Electro House. He’s been found randomly streaming his music online as of late.

Revolution Boi

The U.S. based DJ–Jami “Revolution Boi”–has been in the Electronic Dance scene for 16 years as an avid listener and vivid performer.” His influences from Progressive and Trance have made him notable for his uplifting compilations and he has been recognized around the globe. As a traveling DJ, Jami’s experiences became a diversity of genres resulting in him developing a unique ability to emphasize and capture an emotional state of mind for his listening audience. As VOCALOID was introduced and became relevant, Jami’s curiosity sparked an interest, and he was introduced into a new subculture. Now known as the first Vocaloid DJ in the nation, the “Revolution Boi” name came to be relevant to the Anime scene.

DJ Xonik


Good music good vibes is what comes through when DJ XONIK is on the decks, if you catch him at a club, pop culture event, night market, convention or any party he is spinning at you can be sure he always brings proper Tech House Music.



SVNX hails from the underground warehouse scene, playing a diverse mix of house and heavier bass tracks. A mysterious enigma, his style will keep you wanting more.


Go-go dancer turned Deejay Poisonk’s journey started in 2010. Since then she’s played in Los Angeles, Huntington Beach and had residencies in Laguna Beach. Contaminate yourself to the infectious electro beats and let her take you on an intoxicating voyage.



An emerging contributor to the DJ scene, rainy☆’s inspiration stems from Japanese doujin music and net-lables, lesser-known independent artists who do not have much exposure. One of rainy☆’s biggest passions is exposing the audience to something they probably have not heard before, and spreading good vibes through these tunes.

rainy☆ is also a cosplayer of characters from Touhou Project, and a player of BEMANI games. The doujin music poured forth from the fans of Touhou Project and these musical rhythm games also inspired rainy☆ to pursue a career in DJing and music!


Caji has DJed with Senpai Squad, Back2School Bash, and at Anime Los Angeles 14.