Escape Room

Having heard of strange rumors about the infamous Team Rocket, you and a team of your fellow peers band together to infiltrate their secret headquarters. However, your team soon discovers more than they had bargained for and must use your detective skills and teamwork in order to escape the clutches of Team Rocket and ultimately save the world of Pokemon!

Each game session will last at maximum 30 minutes, and will consist of 9 – 12 players per session.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Escape Room is only available for same day signups and spaces are limited. The sign up sheet will be available each day starting at 10am outside the Escape Room location.

Please try to arrive 5 minutes early, to ensure your session begins on time. Arriving more than 5 minutes late will result in your spot being released to anyone on the wait list for that session.

Escape Room Hours
Friday (Day 1)12pm-6pm
Saturday (Day 2)11am-6pm
Sunday (Day 3)11am-3pm