Cosplaying and attending geek-centric social gatherings since the release of Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue on Nintendo’s short lived Gamecube, D-Piddy’s unique take of the morally ambiguous Deadpool has infused levity and multi-fandom awareness to a character many fans have admired for years. Starting his YouTube channel in late 2012, D-Piddy’s reach has not only grown within the YouTube and cosplay community, but throughout various unspoken parts of the world wide web, aka the “weird parts of the internet.” You can now see him make other viral hits with his own take on Skeletor, Kylo-Ren & Kakashi Hatake (among others), collaborating with other creators or streaming video game content. Destined to save the world, D-Piddy now travels the universe on his trusty robot unicorn, the Mikazuki 5, always on the lookout to discover new meanings to life, in the pursuit of knowledge, adventure and love. You can also find him playing his favorite video games on Twitch nowadays.


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