Featured Influencer Banner - Ariem Cosplay

“I was told I could become anything, so I decided to become a shapeshifter. I live the life of a three-year-old’s dreams! For about six years, I have worked to improve these skills to bring lovable characters to life, such as England from Axis Powers Hetalia, or Deku from My Hero Academia, with the hope to bring a smile to people’s faces. 

The closest thing to living in a dream world of fantasy, is to create that fantasy. Costuming, wig work, makeup, crafting, and prop making are all parts of this process. I not only chase after that dream, but challenge my fellow creators to always do better because the most important words in life are “never settle.”

For the past two years I’ve branched out more professionally and aim to see more of these smiles; aspiring to one day work for Hollywood, there is no where to go but up!”